Our Beginnings

Our campaign was named in honour of Braydon “The Great White” Smith. Braydon passed away in 2015 from bleeding on the brain caused by trauma from a sporting injury.

Brayd’s tragic and untimely death was the catalyst for our campaign but it is clear to us that local access to neurosurgical procedures would benefit so many in our community.


Our Vision

It is our ultimate goal to bring a neurosurgical unit to Toowoomba and to help this unit to be as productive and smooth-functioning as possible once it is up and running.



Currently in Queensland, neurosurgical units operate at locations in Townsville and the Gold Coast and a number of locations in Brisbane including Greenslopes Private Hospital and the Mater Private Hospital.

Currently neurosurgical patients living in Toowoomba are required to either travel to Brisbane for treatment; rely on a visiting neurosurgeon when one is available; or – if their condition is sever enough – to relocate to another city.


Our Work

Experts within the medical industry have advised us that an urban population of around 130,000 people is considered the minimum needed to establish a neurosurgical unit in a particular area which makes Toowoomba a realistic candidate for such a service.

However there is a lot of work which needs to be done before our goal is reached. Currently we are working on consultation with government, the medical industry and the community to set out a roadmap for the steps we will take in coming years.